Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jack o' the Green

Full Size View of Jack o' the Green

I was wandering around Epping forest this weekend, visiting an Iron Age Fortification. I took a lot of pictures and while editing one my eyes hit upon this curious picture.

The green arrow points at the head of a strange goblin-like apparition holding his left hand up to his open mouth, he is looking right to left. I do hope you can see this Jack O Green as well and its not just my imagination! This image is not edited (other than by adding the arrow!) and is full size to the original data. I keep telling myself it is just the shade and sunlight on leaves but the proportions and detail is too good, even down to the gleam of light on the head, nose and cheeks!

The larger picture is the original but has been reduced to fit on blogger - the small section comes from the far right hand side.

Whole Picture (Reduced size)

Now at this point a lot of people will assume the picture is manipulated somehow but it has not. In an ideal world everybody should have an open enough mind to believe this is an unretouched picture of something strange. Unfortunately this is not an ideal world....

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